Someone hit me with their car! Can I sue that person for negligence?

cropped-beatrice-bijoux-legal-head-shot.jpgUnder to Florida Law, all persons who operate motor vehicles on the streets or highways of Florida must drive in a careful and reasonably prudent manner to avoid damage or harm to the other person or property.


If this duty is violated, you or a loved one may have a potential personal injury claim. It all depends on the particular facts and circumstances of your unique situation. Every case is different that is why we highly recommend you contact our attorneys in our office at The Bijoux Law Firm, so we can evaluate the facts.


In order to institute a personal injury lawsuit in the state of Florida, 4 elements must be met.


First,  there must have been a duty on the part of the defendant to conform to a certain standard of conduct for the protection of others, including the plaintiff

Second, The defendant must have breached that duty

Third, the defendant’s breach of duty must have caused the plaintiff’s damage and/or injuries.

Fourth, there must be damages that the plaintiff has suffered as a result of the defendant’s alleged negligence. 


For more information and help with your personal injury matter contact The Bijoux Law Firm.

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